Can I have the phone delivered to my home address?

We prefer to send to a business address but you can have it delivered to a residential address. We can tell you the date of delivery but not the time, if delivered to a residential address you will need to ensure that someone is at home the entire day.

Can I make a test call?

As soon as you receive the phone we recommend that you go outside and make a call. The phone will self-register itself to the network, call your mobile to understand the call process if you do not answer the call there will be no charge. We also recommend that you call your satellite phone from the mobile to understand this process.

Do I have to be outside to make a call?

A satellite phone requires line of sight to the sky (satellite), your phone will not work under a roof.

How and when will I receive my hire kit?

All satellite phones are dispatched using Toll Priority overnight freight. The phone is sent out 3 working days prior to your Hire state date.

How do I return the phone?

Inside the phone kit you will find an envelope with a return air bag and a consignment label attached. All you do is place the kit into this bag seal it and phone 13 15 31 Toll Priority to arrange a pick up time.

Is the phone ready to go when I receive it?

Your phone is connected and ready as soon as you receive it, you can make a test call straight away.

The satellite number starts with 0147 is this correct?

Yes all Telstra Satellite phones start with 0147, so it is important not to get this confused with a mobile that may start with 0417.

What happens if I need to cancel or change my dates of hire?

If you need to cancel or change your start date of hire, there are no charges unless we have physically dispatched the phone to you.

The call statement will have the number of the satellite phone, the number and time called, the duration of the call and the cost of the call.

When will my Credit Card be charged?

Hire – Your credit card is charged the full hire and freight amount on the day of dispatch. No charges are made at the time of booking.

Calls made – Call charges are processed once a month, any outgoing calls are charged at this time.