When in Australia and calling an Australian number, you simply dial the area code plus the number you are calling.

Calling examples are:
Land line in Sydney, dial 02 xxxx xxxx (even if you are in Sydney)
Mobile, dial 04xx xxx xxx
1800 number, dial 1800 xxx xxx
13 number, dial 13x xxx

When someone is dialling a satellite phone, they dial the number direct just the same as calling a mobile phone.

NOTE: there is no cost for incoming calls or text messages, costs are incurred for MessageBank.

Your satellite phones recognises computerised dialling requests.Β For example if you are dialling a 13xxxx number for road assistance, when the computerised phone system asks you to press '1 for assistance' or 2 to leave a message' you will have access.

Emergency Calls

In an emergency situation you have the options of dialling either '000' or '112' from your satellite phone. The operator will have some indication of your location, but only within several hundred kilometres. If an emergency situation arises, providing GPS co-ordinates to emergency services would be of great assistance. If the SIM card in the satellite phone was to fail you should still be able to make the above emergency calls.

NOTE: You must be within Australia for this service.

SMS Messages

Your satellite phone is capable of sending and receiving SMS Messages.

When sending a text, you need to enter the mobile number as an international number. +61 and drop the leading zero from mobile number.

0407 123 456 would be entered as +61 407 123 456

NOTE: Non Telstra mobiles may have difficulty in sending SMS messages to the satellite phone. If you require this service please speak to one of our staff.


MessageBank is available on request and operates the same as the MessageBank service on your mobile phone. You have the option of leaving your own personalised message if preferred.

Messagebank on a satellite phone operates the same as having a 101 Messagebank on your mobile. You call 101 to retrieve messages (after receiving a text saying you have a 101 message) and to change or personalise the message.